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About Healing and Special Gifts

A healthy human is a whole human, meaning someone who is in peace with what is here, right now..
A good healer is someone, who can sense what is needed in the moment to support being in peace with what is here, right now.

It is a common misunderstanding about "healing," that it would mean to extinguish symptoms or at least, change states according to our preferences.

Symptoms and states are not in the way of truth or realisation of truth. It looks and feels easier to us to be in a body free of pain or dysfunctioning, but pain or dysfunctioning - however unpleasant they may be - are not a hindrance to discover your true nature.
Quite opposite! Pain and disturbances are allies, which remind us that consciousness only uses this body-mind in its own unexplainable, mysterious ways, but is not dependent on this body-mind.

 Most people, and especially the ones in healing professions, wish for so-called "healing miracles" (or success) in a sense of gaining control over life - and death.
True Healing is the opposite of control. It is the awake openness in the middle of whatever is here in the moment. There is a trap to neglect the body. That is not where I am pointing! It requires responsibility and self-love to serve the truth of being "the oneness" and still take care of one's individual  needs and the body's sensitivities in an appropriate way and with wisdom of discernment.

I get asked quite often, whether "awakened people" experience pain less painful or get around diseases more easily.
You see, there is this fatal hope in the mind that in truth there would be some kind of divine perfection or that the human body-mind-system would become super human through realisation of truth. Such ideas are bogus!

Methods of healing are not essential to discover your true nature - they are helpful in relative ways, that's all. Much more important is your inner focus to that which is already and will always be whole inside yourself, independent of what the symptoms are.

That which is already whole, needs no healing. To discover that is being healed from the illusion of separation.
This discovery is possible during life time. At this point it starts making sense to take care of your body-mind-machine as good as possible. Not because the methods will enlighten you, but simply to support your chance to realise who you are while still in the body.

Osho inspired me many years ago on the issue. I heard him say: "90% of all healing is love, 10% is the method. The healer is only an instrument.“

During my time in India I have learned various methods of healing. I experienced the self-importance of (healer-) ego, fooled by the impression that it would be
"me" who could influence life to move towards a so-called healing.

With the revelation of truth, the personal spiritual and healing ambitions calmed down and ebbed out. I got healed from "the healer" and can now support others to be open and awake in this moment, in whatever life offers.

You may use methods to support yourself on the way. Methods can start from the relative to point towards that which is always, unmoving and independently HERE.

I was born with a potential of clairvoyant talents.Those talents have often moved me between the arrogance of being special and a kind of unnatural effort of wanting to be normal. The equanimity of being here in the moment revealed that there is no meaning in either direction.

Neither a healer nor a seeker can promise or trust the effects of methods or talents. It is not in our control. When you dedicate yourself truly to the moment, your potential will be used most effectively.

Of all the methods I have learned, I like the Tibetan Pulsing very much. It's a great fun tool to support people in becoming still within their own center while fully enjoying the carousel of life.
I use it to invite people into a taste of that which is is HERE before, during and after the bodily existence. I also like it that Tibetan Pulsing combines a joyful experience of bodywork with meditation.

with love

Love and Relationship (2014)

(opening talk in a retreat focusing on "Love or Relationship")

First of all: I am a relationshipper ;-). Choicelessly. It was or is simply so. Relationship was my path and relating still is my path in sharing with my beloved and others around me.

Ultimately it does not matter for realisation or  liberation whether or not you have many or no so called relationships. It is a question what type you are. And also how daring and open you are to experience the fullness of the human experience.

At some point we all find out that love cannot be done and is very contradictory. Love needs two people ... to learn to be one ... and in the end with great luck becoming love itself.

Whenever there are two poles, there is also separation and that feels painful.

As long as one thinks of oneself as a "somebody", as a separate entity there will be a relation to ANY object which appears in one's perception, whether that is a "thought object", a "feeling object" or a "love object".

The attachment in us is to perceive oneself as separate. That is what we know. Then we try to get from "the other" anything which can alleviate the pain of this separation.
This is the misconception.
Every relationship is an invitation, a challenge to look more closely: who am I really? Who is this alleged somebody who "has the relationship"? AND ALSO: Who is "the other?"

In moments of love there is no other ...

We are both: two individuals and oneness as we are both: mind with thinking and presence as silence

Sharing the humbling challenges of being together in the human experience can invite real intimacy. What it needs is space. Space happens in openness of mind and heart leading to expressions of personal honesty with ease.

Let me know your experience?!

Letter to my Mind 
(2000 when the shift  had happened)

In case You are trying to figure out "what has happened?"
Nothing has happened - is still happening.

I am still Adima
and yet i am not.

The boundaries have disappeared for me - maybe not "for You"
This is the problem: the moment "Me" is there, "You" is there as well - separation, boundaries.
Consciousness has no separation, no boundaries.

The moment i speak, the moment i use words, i give form.
Form gives limitation to the whole. It has to because it is difficult to see the whole as such.
And yet, every form contains the whole.
If You only see the form, you are separate - a subject dealing with an object.
When you see the content, the quality, the essence within the form and of the form
You disappear - and simply being is.

This is why words can never say it - and yet words can take You there, can be vehicles for recognition.
Words are empty containers, vehicles of emptiness, with a name but no meaning - just like us.
The body-mind system knows itself as form. So, it has to think that it exists by keeping the limitation, separation, duality.
Consciousness does not know itself as a separate entity,
consciousness IS (knowing that it is) being itself.

Consciousness is the potential of all (re)-newing (itself) eternally - recognizable through form, enjoying being itself by taking form.
The source is like a longing of expressing its willingness of becoming
by taking form in a constant flow of stillness and motion at the same time;
without any purpose, entirely non-personal.

All concepts disappear within this.
Even "being in the moment" is a concept.
It makes you giggle once you are aware that you are consciousness.
Then, who is it who is in the moment? - and, which moment?
Eternity is not an accumulation of moments added to one another like beads on a chain.
There is no quantity.

The word "moment" is simply a challenge to the mind.
It triggers the mind to try and be in the shortest possible time span.
Since mind exists only in time, it stumbles and falls about something as short as a moment.
It is a trick!
Be aware! Be Here! - It works - mind withers - consciousness is.
Don't try to "be in the moment".


About Satsang (Article, 2005)

Satsang means "Being in association (Sangha) with truth (Sat).

Words are vehicles. Thruth is much closer in silence. And yet ... all this talking, questions, answers ...

In this time, many Satsang teachers appear. (2005, in Germany). We cannot check out how liberated or "enlightened" they are and not everyone who wakes up spiritually qualifies automatically for a teacher job. Maybe your neighbor is living an enlightened life since long time, too. Sometimes people do not even know it themselves. Whenever someone is present in the now, this mirrors your true Self from silent infiniteness of being. You can look into this empty mirror or you can paint onto the mirror – it will not change the mirror. The truth of your being resonates in your own heart, because it lives there. In order to recognize this resonance as your own Self it is very beautiful to meet an awake being – and it is also possible to discover the truth within a leave on a tree, or when simply closing your eyes…

It does not take effort, preparation or practise to unveil who you truly are. What takes effort, ist to deny it! whether knowingly or unknowingly.If you put your story, your personal drama aside for just one tenth of a second, the truth of your being can reveal itself … Utterly silent, totally alive, eternally untouched by all appearances, and yet, constantly changing within the play of life. THAT cannot be understood by the mind, it cannot be achieved or learned because it is not a state, not an experience. It is before, during and after all states and experiences, pure BEING. You ARE that, before you can have an experience (of it). Your enlightenment doesn’t need support - it IS. Support is needed to enable you to stay detached and free while the mind is unravelling … last not least you want to be also free of 'enlightenment.'

Consciousness carries the message of redemption, of awakening. Through all times and cultures human beings have searched for truth, for meaning, for “themselves”, in philosophy, religion, psychotherapy. In this search for our divine nature, for our self-realization, for freedom, love and happiness, we mostly try to change our personal states and circumstances from bad to good or from good to better. Satsang is not about changing you. Inquiring deeply into oneself reveals our true nature as simple, ordinary being that cannot be changed, nor does it need to be. In realising THAT, the identification with appearances, happenings and circumstance can disappears.

In the East (and for many Western seekers) Satsang and enlightenment have a long tradition and a deep spiritual meaning. During these times and without particular reason, the mystery of existence offers to us the possibility of awakening detached from traditional ceremonies, spiritual evaluating and interpretations in a fresh and unknown way. Satsang has gone West – in every aspect – and thus challenges us even more to BE - truthful, naked, not-knowing, regardless of which role we play, that of “seeker” or that of “teacher”. Inquiring into the truth again and again is the eternal heart’s gift of love to itself. We can support each other in it. This is what being friends is about for me.

In truth there is one teacher, a divine space of resonance, living in every heart. It appears through many forms and invites you to boundless freedom, infinite love and ungraspable silence as your own Self. Being in 'Satsang' is a conscious, direct, intimate and naked meeting with truth as your self – not entertainment, knowing or learning, but dissolving all this beyond words and imagination.

Letting the mind unravel, with all its programs, not taking part in it, not involved, reveals THAT which is still, formless, nameless, and undeniably Being. When realising your true nature, it is no longer possible to mix up THAT which IS, with that which appears in the play of life as thoughts, emotions, feelings, states or circumstance. The illusion of “I” as a separate entity and thus dependent on cause and effect, or able to control, disappears as an identification. This ends personal suffering. Awareness of Self, unlimited love, the divine – however we may call it – is so close that we simply overlook it. Every situation is a challenge to be aware and meet the truth. Every situation contains the possibiity of freedom or the possibility of re-creating the I-thought manyfold. The appearance of all these possibilities is the invitation to BE, to be all that appears without judgement, knowledge or limitation. We ARE an endlesss unfolding and deepening of consciousness.

When you are ready  to meet truth directly, regardless of what that means for your personal life, truth will reveal itself through you. No doing and no not-doing is needed for that. Wake up first! Then you can settle all your affairs as well, and with lots more fun.

Formal Satsang, a meeting of people who want to meet and deepen within themselves, is like a blazing up of the heart’s flame. When love meets love there is no difference, no dogma, no escape. Consciousness enjoys its own beingness in so many forms and is perfectly still, absolutely silent. This silence tansmits truth. You do not need to become it – you are it!

Why „Satsang“ ?
Spontaneous answer during a meeting

Question: „Why „Satsang“ – why do we meet, when everything is anyway already within us? Can’t we have it less traditional?“

Since middle of the 90th, the West – and especially Germany – got kind of flooded with satsang teachers. By now, this has produced the "usual" consequences which happen, when mind begins to consume and gets overfed. Mind turns a (no-)thing into a tradeware; the consequences can be loss of quality on the side of the "sellers", weariness on the side of the „consumers“. So far for the mind's game.

We can notice feelings about it like pain or anger, and judgements or other tensions and their releases. We may understand, that this is what mind does - it can not understand but wants to control.
Tendencies of inflation are always somewhat painful and unavoidable. Just as unavoidable are the tendencies of separation in both directions: lesser quality versas specialised, new inventions on something that can not be made or done. Just mind-games. And, by "unavoidable" I simply mean: it so happens to happen.

The question's in the air now, what point might be in following the new-age-newspeak and substitute the word „satsang“ -  with ... what ? :)  … Some friends call Satsang „antiquated“ (o.k.) or „not mass compatible“ (o.k. – it is not the intention to be)

The silence behind the word „satsang“ vibrates an invitation to live a truthful life. This invitation got my heart, put it on wings and it flew away into limitless freedom. This possibility is what I like to invite you to. In that, awareness rises for the beauty and the truth inside of us.


About Channeling (2010)
(spontaneous answer during a meeting, original in English)

Q: Adima, I remember that you gave channelling sessions in Poona. What exactly is channeling? Can you say how it works and how reliable it is?
A: Mmhhh... looks like, I can not escape all my past (laughter) ... you get me in trouble (laughter)... O.K. this is a complex question. I guess we need to look into few things.
In a way each and every one of us is a channel. A channel for life, a channel for love, a channel for consciousness.
Our very spines are a channel.

The spine is somehow hovering between the earth and the sky. The energy flow of life connects the spine on the bottom end to what we call “the material” and on the other end to what we call “spiritual“. On one end to what we call “our experience“ and on the other end to what we call “pure consciousness.“
Now, on top of that spine, on top of that channel is a bio-computer, the brain, which is like a hardware. It contains an operating system (the mind) and that contains a lot of software, which interprets the electrical signals that reach to the computer through the channel of the spine.

Now, there is areas in every brain, that are a little more or a little less “developed”. What I mean here is, every one of us for example can sing, but not everyone can become an opera singer. There are certain talents which are given. In that sense, a talent means the capacity of the brain to interpret or use certain electrical signals. People who „channel“ - in the sense of receiving and interpreting “messages” - do have a certain talent to plug into the ethernet of psychic electrical signals. That ethernet is surrounding us, surrounding everything everywhere – it is a vibration phenomenon. It is electrical. The “messages” that can be withdrawn (downloaded) from that ethernet are before, during and after time. In another way we can say, the messages in that ethernet are timeless, in the sense, that everything which has happened, is happening and maybe will happen is buzzing around as electrical signals, as a potential.

All of this – and this is important – that is being described here, what I call the “psychic ethernet” is NOT the same as „consciousness“. It is part – or expression of “consciousness”.
Consciousness IS … that, in which all of the described appears. Consciousness is neither an electrical activity nor and electrical non-activity. If anything, consciousness simply IS ... ... ...  pure
electricity, or the potential of electricity itself. Until this day electricity itself is not defined as any something.

What I call the “Psychic Ethernet” is already electrical energy formed into CERTAIN electrical signals. Only certain electrical signals can be interpreted by the bio-computer, the brain. The operating system in your bio-computer can interpret such signals whether you are in sleep, you are in dreams, you are in meditation, you are in trance or you are in what is called waking consciousness.
The interpretation of those signals can happen in either of those states. This means, there is no someone doing this – the brain-computer does it.
Channels have a certain talent to “catch” (or, to be aware of) the signals of the psychic Ethernet. Those signals reach to all of us, but only few people have the talent to interpret the signals and decode the electrical code into words or pictures first and then into words.

Now comes an important thing: the interpretation of those signals is always through the software, the programming, the mind of the one who delivers the interpretation, means: the channel. No matter how open-hearted and well motivated a channel might be, the channel cannot other but “filter” the signals through their own body-mind-system.
A good channel is able to step aside as an ego, to step aside with their personal story and only offer the mechanism in the bio-electrical computer to do its job on the electrical signals.
A bad channel involves the personal ego – often without intending to or being aware of it.
A channel without a capacity for meditation may get in difficulties and may put others in difficulties, too. So, a good channel has an experience, has a feeling of not being involvedas a personal ego, and that feeling is accurate. Still, what is often not seen and what is greatly misunderstood is, that the signals from the psychic ethernet are filtered and interpreted by the mind of the channel, ego or no ego in the way. Some filtering is unavoidable.

In the described sense, there is always a filter, not necessarily right or wrong, but simply to recognise this as it is. When a channel says: “I receive a message from a master from Atlantis or from angle So-and-so” they do experience it in this way. There are no special people flying around anywhere.
All the wisdom and also the bulshit - which is much greater in numbers - is ready for download from this psychic Ethernet. You can really imagine this to be similar to the internet. Since the internet
exists, it has become much easier to understand what a channel is plugging into. In the psychic ethernet there is as much spam and as many hoaxes flying around as on the internet. (Laughter)
Consciousness does not exist as time. Consciousness IS. Before, during and after our experience of time. Mystics say „nothing ever happened“ once they have fallen out of the prison of personal self. In awe they say: „nothing ever happened“ – It is true.
And in the same sense we can say „all and everything through all times is here right now.“ This is the same as „nothing ever happened“. Both cannot be understood by the mind. The mind can only move around in time.

I am making you aware of this to understand, that wisdom is simply available as presence itself. Whoever “put the wisdom” into presence is not relevant. Maybe Yes, a certain master, maybe Yes, a certain etheric being, all kinds of people leave electrical prints of presence everywhere – it does not matter what their names are or who they were or whether this vibration ever existed in a form or not. The electrical code is not the message itself. There are no “messages” flying around in the sky. It is electrical potential of presence itself.

You are made of the wisdom you seek!

There is presence of an electrical potential, an electrical vibration. It is like on the computer zero/one/zero/one/zero/one – it is just this vibration presence. Now, when a certain receptive machine is there – which in our case is the channel – suddenly the electrical charge gets interpreted. With it, a kind of the wrapping of the parcel is usually received as well. That wrapping of the parcel consists of feelings and states, which we love to identify as “certain presences” and then the impression rises that a “certain being” is talking to us. My experience is that presence does not talk. Consciousness itself never speaks, pure witnessing does not comment.

I am not saying, that channels are making up what they are listening to or that they do not really hear it – they do hear it! They may be not aware, that they are not separate from whatever they are receiving. So, the receiving can only happen in this way. Also, the person they are doing the channeling for, also that person is not separate from the message, but needs a medium to bridge over.

The most simple way to receive the enormous support that is available and that the universe is always giving freely, is to become very very still, very quiet, attentive, open, condition free. Without setting conditions. leaving alone our expectations, leaving alone our story. Just for few moments just for THIS moment – be still...

This is the simple way – becoming silent.
It is not always an easy way. Channels (and other methods) can help to make it easy to reach the simple ...just a little round about way. You can be absolutely certain, that everything which needs to reach your consciousness to help you be free, to help you awaken, to help you in whatever you need help for, everything will reach to you, in fact it IS reaching in this moment. In fact, you ARE it already. So in the best case, a channel can bridge you over to remember that you are not separate, neither from presence, nor from messages you need.
It is possible, that channels “download” true and helpful stuff AND – just like with the internet – the helpful stuff can be surrounded and embedded in unwanted spam. The danger for the mind is, that once it believes that “angle so and so” is speaking, it gets easily impressed and looses wisdom of discernment. I am not saying that channels are generally charlatans or that they are not doing a good job. What I am saying is, that the amount of messages which get spread around need reflection of silence within. And, messages are often over evaluated or taken too seriously, too much word by word.
Whatever makes you silent, widens your heart, works for you. The most useful message that you can receive is the message that is in you, inherent in your own heart and also around you everywhere, at all times, in all circumstances. That message does not even need a download. It is already here. That message is that you are love itself already. No-thing does have to be different. You can become aware of that great message by being still. The middle of this moment is radically liberating.
Try it – do not believe what I say!


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