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Letter to my Mind 
(2000 when the shift  had happened)

In case You are trying to figure out "what has happened?"
Nothing has happened - is still happening.

I am still Adima
and yet i am not.

The boundaries have disappeared for me - maybe not "for You"
This is the problem: the moment "Me" is there, "You" is there as well - separation, boundaries.
Consciousness has no separation, no boundaries.

The moment i speak, the moment i use words, i give form.
Form gives limitation to the whole. It has to because it is difficult to see the whole as such.
And yet, every form contains the whole.
If You only see the form, you are separate - a subject dealing with an object.
When you see the content, the quality, the essence within the form and of the form
You disappear - and simply being is.

This is why words can never say it - and yet words can take You there, can be vehicles for recognition.
Words are empty containers, vehicles of emptiness, with a name but no meaning - just like us.
The body-mind system knows itself as form. So, it has to think that it exists by keeping the limitation, separation, duality.
Consciousness does not know itself as a separate entity,
consciousness IS (knowing that it is) being itself.

Consciousness is the potential of all (re)-newing (itself) eternally - recognizable through form, enjoying being itself by taking form.
The source is like a longing of expressing its willingness of becoming
by taking form in a constant flow of stillness and motion at the same time;
without any purpose, entirely non-personal.

All concepts disappear within this.
Even "being in the moment" is a concept.
It makes you giggle once you are aware that you are consciousness.
Then, who is it who is in the moment? - and, which moment?
Eternity is not an accumulation of moments added to one another like beads on a chain.
There is no quantity.

The word "moment" is simply a challenge to the mind.
It triggers the mind to try and be in the shortest possible time span.
Since mind exists only in time, it stumbles and falls about something as short as a moment.
It is a trick!
Be aware! Be Here! - It works - mind withers - consciousness is.
Don't try to "be in the moment".


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