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About Satsang (Article, 2005)

Satsang means "Being in association (Sangha) with truth (Sat).

Words are vehicles. Thruth is much closer in silence. And yet ... all this talking, questions, answers ...

In this time, many Satsang teachers appear. (2005, in Germany). We cannot check out how liberated or "enlightened" they are and not everyone who wakes up spiritually qualifies automatically for a teacher job. Maybe your neighbor is living an enlightened life since long time, too. Sometimes people do not even know it themselves. Whenever someone is present in the now, this mirrors your true Self from silent infiniteness of being. You can look into this empty mirror or you can paint onto the mirror – it will not change the mirror. The truth of your being resonates in your own heart, because it lives there. In order to recognize this resonance as your own Self it is very beautiful to meet an awake being – and it is also possible to discover the truth within a leave on a tree, or when simply closing your eyes…

It does not take effort, preparation or practise to unveil who you truly are. What takes effort, ist to deny it! whether knowingly or unknowingly.If you put your story, your personal drama aside for just one tenth of a second, the truth of your being can reveal itself … Utterly silent, totally alive, eternally untouched by all appearances, and yet, constantly changing within the play of life. THAT cannot be understood by the mind, it cannot be achieved or learned because it is not a state, not an experience. It is before, during and after all states and experiences, pure BEING. You ARE that, before you can have an experience (of it). Your enlightenment doesn’t need support - it IS. Support is needed to enable you to stay detached and free while the mind is unravelling … last not least you want to be also free of 'enlightenment.'

Consciousness carries the message of redemption, of awakening. Through all times and cultures human beings have searched for truth, for meaning, for “themselves”, in philosophy, religion, psychotherapy. In this search for our divine nature, for our self-realization, for freedom, love and happiness, we mostly try to change our personal states and circumstances from bad to good or from good to better. Satsang is not about changing you. Inquiring deeply into oneself reveals our true nature as simple, ordinary being that cannot be changed, nor does it need to be. In realising THAT, the identification with appearances, happenings and circumstance can disappears.

In the East (and for many Western seekers) Satsang and enlightenment have a long tradition and a deep spiritual meaning. During these times and without particular reason, the mystery of existence offers to us the possibility of awakening detached from traditional ceremonies, spiritual evaluating and interpretations in a fresh and unknown way. Satsang has gone West – in every aspect – and thus challenges us even more to BE - truthful, naked, not-knowing, regardless of which role we play, that of “seeker” or that of “teacher”. Inquiring into the truth again and again is the eternal heart’s gift of love to itself. We can support each other in it. This is what being friends is about for me.

In truth there is one teacher, a divine space of resonance, living in every heart. It appears through many forms and invites you to boundless freedom, infinite love and ungraspable silence as your own Self. Being in 'Satsang' is a conscious, direct, intimate and naked meeting with truth as your self – not entertainment, knowing or learning, but dissolving all this beyond words and imagination.

Letting the mind unravel, with all its programs, not taking part in it, not involved, reveals THAT which is still, formless, nameless, and undeniably Being. When realising your true nature, it is no longer possible to mix up THAT which IS, with that which appears in the play of life as thoughts, emotions, feelings, states or circumstance. The illusion of “I” as a separate entity and thus dependent on cause and effect, or able to control, disappears as an identification. This ends personal suffering. Awareness of Self, unlimited love, the divine – however we may call it – is so close that we simply overlook it. Every situation is a challenge to be aware and meet the truth. Every situation contains the possibiity of freedom or the possibility of re-creating the I-thought manyfold. The appearance of all these possibilities is the invitation to BE, to be all that appears without judgement, knowledge or limitation. We ARE an endlesss unfolding and deepening of consciousness.

When you are ready  to meet truth directly, regardless of what that means for your personal life, truth will reveal itself through you. No doing and no not-doing is needed for that. Wake up first! Then you can settle all your affairs as well, and with lots more fun.

Formal Satsang, a meeting of people who want to meet and deepen within themselves, is like a blazing up of the heart’s flame. When love meets love there is no difference, no dogma, no escape. Consciousness enjoys its own beingness in so many forms and is perfectly still, absolutely silent. This silence tansmits truth. You do not need to become it – you are it!

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