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Why „Satsang“ ?
Spontaneous answer during a meeting

Question: „Why „Satsang“ – why do we meet, when everything is anyway already within us? Can’t we have it less traditional?“

Since middle of the 90th, the West – and especially Germany – got kind of flooded with satsang teachers. By now, this has produced the "usual" consequences which happen, when mind begins to consume and gets overfed. Mind turns a (no-)thing into a tradeware; the consequences can be loss of quality on the side of the "sellers", weariness on the side of the „consumers“. So far for the mind's game.

We can notice feelings about it like pain or anger, and judgements or other tensions and their releases. We may understand, that this is what mind does - it can not understand but wants to control.
Tendencies of inflation are always somewhat painful and unavoidable. Just as unavoidable are the tendencies of separation in both directions: lesser quality versas specialised, new inventions on something that can not be made or done. Just mind-games. And, by "unavoidable" I simply mean: it so happens to happen.

The question's in the air now, what point might be in following the new-age-newspeak and substitute the word „satsang“ -  with ... what ? :)  … Some friends call Satsang „antiquated“ (o.k.) or „not mass compatible“ (o.k. – it is not the intention to be)

The silence behind the word „satsang“ vibrates an invitation to live a truthful life. This invitation got my heart, put it on wings and it flew away into limitless freedom. This possibility is what I like to invite you to. In that, awareness rises for the beauty and the truth inside of us.


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