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Different dates for cycle changes and the challenge of fitting it into a Gregorian Calendar

Here is a bit about these "different dates for Chieh-Chi” between the Print Calendar and the postings in the Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Facebook Group
It looks like a bit of a dilemma when our “study book” - The Red Book - suggests different dates than what we've been using in the Print Calendar since many years, here is what I found about this:

Looking into it, giving you the good news first:
I couldn't figure out “right or wrong' dates” :) or some dates being "more original"...
The Calendar helps to keep an eye on “what to watch” ... it's up to us to experience how we're actually responding to the Chieh-Chi.

The Print Calendar
The print calendar exists as it is since 1995 or 96. It came into being in Poona, in the Tibetan House. Our loved friend Anuragini (later Mira) had the idea to produce it and received Dheeraj's approval and guidance for it. Since then we use it as it is.

The Dilemma of the Different Dates in the Red Books
I don't know exactly why some dates of cycle changes are different in the print calendar than on the charts in the Red Book …
It looks like a bit of a dilemma ... however, I believe there is not really ONE "original transmission" on the dates for the cycles.
There seem to be "a few" ! :) ... and they’re all by Dheeraj (the founder of the work) ...

I found 3 different "charts" with slightly different dates on them in my old study papers ...
1 Before the Red Books were printed, another chart was used, which was slightly different than the circular charts in the Red Books ...
2 Then the Red Books were printed and gave us the circular charts.
3 A few years later the print calendar came out and yet again with a some different cycle changing dates.
It looks like the change of cycle dates were adjusted over time ...  I remember and also assume it was all done by Dheeraj  ... after all, it wasn’t done by the graphic designers ♥

There's no problem with this. It's about Individual Perception
To me the Chieh-Chi is something like ... a liquid … a “pulsating sound system” which sounds through all our different nervous systems in a unique individual way.
The times given in the calendar simply indicate: AROUND this time is the change of cycle or the shock points. It is very much up to our perception how and when we actually experience it. It really is about individual experience, which plunges back to the origin of ourselves again and again in responding to the pulse-sound-light.

Remembering ...
Several people including me remember that Dheeraj mentioned that the Blessing Days would be around the 19th/20th/21st of a month and on the 5th/6th/7th ...
Something else I remember from Dheeraj … when one has a fast nervous system or an innovative mind, one feels the changes earlier. For a slow nervous system or a more conservative mind, it occurs later as an experience.

No Right & Wrong Dates
So ... I can’t figure out “right or wrong' dates” :) or some dates being more original …
Some people like to stick with the Red Book, others with the Print Calendar.  When you stick with the Red Book (which is published on the FB group page) then there are some different dates. And consequently there would also be few different shock points around changing times … (you then need to figure that out, I do my thinking on the Print Job).
The Chieh-Chi in question are actually the ones from A to J. I believe the rest is the same between the Red Book and the Print Calendar. 

Last not least something for the thinkers amoung us :)
Trying to “fit” a 24 Chieh-Chi pulsing system into 365 days of the Gregorian Calendar is mathematically already some kind of a mess. It leaves us with having to think of an average amount of 15.208333 days per Chieh-Chi … So, some Chieh-Chi have 14 days, some 15 and some 16 days ... leave alone that the Gregorian Calendar kind of looses 8 hours per year, 3 years after another and then every 4 years inserts a full day, known as 29th February. … All that … gives a lot to think but little to feel or to pulse with …
Sunrise and Sunset and the Earth turning in the light seem pretty undisturbed ... 

It's great more and more pulsers enjoy watching themselves in the changing moods and cycles. I’ll be happy to receive your experience/view in case you observe relevant or necessary changes of dates for the cycle. Write to me at adima(at)

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