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Influences during childhood and youth JESUS

A deeply heartfelt and innocent trust and a warm connection with Jesus have nourished and protecetd my childhood.

It was difficult for me to match this inner connection with the dogma of the catholic church. I turned my back on the church very early. The love with Jesus prevailes.

When looking at his picture in my childhood, I was never quite sure, whether I was him or the birds... feeling so close...

When I look today, it feels still the same :)

I love St. Francis as brother, as my heart, as the expression of innocent love with friends, animals and nature.

Wise Woman, Mystic, Seeres, Healer and Composer. During her lifetime, her talents and her actions were neither much respected nor recognized in understanding. Her power, her courage and her vision - which extended far over the limitations of her own religion - inspire me!

1000 years after her, something has merely changed: Wise women with all their talents still find little expression or understanding in the world around them. We are working on it.

Personal Meetings
in India (1987-2000, except for Sri Ramana) and later in Europe


(Shree Rajneesh) the wise mystic, spiritual master, challenger for the mind and "Rock'n Rollin Buddha" of the 20th century. In his commune, in the spectacular experiment of combining East and West, of meditation and psychotherapy, of "Zorba the Buddha", the necessary cathartic work could happen to enable inner, spiritual work to take place.

OSHO's grace and his compassion gave me the opportunity to experiment, to miss, to misunderstand and yet "stay on the path". He announced the fire of awakening to me and showed the path to - Nothing ... I bow down.

(Sri Harilal Poonja - The Lion of Lucknow)

With radiance, passion and a heartful simplicity Papaji unveiled the truth with a shocking directness.  I saw... and then overlooked it again ... But somehow by grace and undeserved, life gave me another chance ... - inspite and beyond all strategies of avoidance.

Papaji got me with the full power of the fire of truth in the middle of the moment. His laughter still resonates within me... and laughs... and laughs... Thank you Papa!

The "Saint from Mount Arunanchala", Papaji's Master. In Papaji's room hung a live-size picture of Ramana.

When I ran into this picture, Ramana's eyes touched pure presence of conscious love within. For a moment mind was still and recognized its own source - without really realising...

With Papaji's help this revelation could become the unavoidable truth, first felt as silent presence in and behind all what moves.

was a radical and compassionate teacher. More of a visionary than a therapist or teacher, a dedicated explorer and finder of treasures.

His genius and his passion made it possible for him to transmit the unimaginably extensive transformation-work of "Tibetan Pulsing" within just a few years. He did this in an entertaining yet profound way.
Thus, he presented us with this precious jewel of (r)evolutionary work on human consciousness for holistic healing.Dheeraj is a "Tulku", that is the regocnised and confirmed reincarnation of a former awakened Lama in Tibetan Buddhism

Before "the dewdrop named Kaveesha dissolved into the ocean" (this is the only website I found about her) I had the great luck to meet her in Osho's presence in her function of director of the Mystery School.

Her presence, her accurate far-sightedness and humor, and the growth-process she developed, have enriched my life tremendously and made it light.
Dancing in synchronicity with joy and gratitude.

Our connection took its first form via Email as a "Cyber Love Affair" :) - When love meets love ... already before we met in person, I felt Samarpan as my spiritual brother, a true friend at heart. Somehow we seem cut from the same cloth, appearing in different form and gestalt.
His honest sharing inspires and encourages to be a fallible human being in all roles we play. To realise the divine in being human and recognise the humaneness within the divine.

As an ambassador of Papaji, she brought Satsang to the West. Her brilliance deepens the natural directness of her approach. Her sweetness soothe the wounds which her sword of truth may cut open, to release you from your suffering. Fullheartedly.

I met her in personal form "only" for one week in a retreat. In this meeting, through grace, the "last fuse for ever reaching something like a perfect infallibility" was de-installed.
The experience of the inner connection with Gangaji is endless resolve and support.





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