Skype Session

1.  Ask for an appointment by Email and send your Skype Name to adima(at)

2. Have the Computer on at the time of your appointment
Open Skype | Sound ON | Camera ON - Adima calls you.

3. Prices and payment
A session is 60-75 min. You'll get the up-to-date price information of your country in when you make the appointment
Payment in advance through PayPal or bank transfer

Webinars and Skype Group Meetings

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Email Support

Sometimes people prefer support in writing to a Skype consultation. You can send your question/issue by email to Adima. Substantial email support counts like a 1h Skype consultation. Please ask for the price list of your country.

There is no payment for contacting emails or short exchanges
For session clients and group/retreat participants email support is included and free, while and (for some time also) after working with Adima.

















Skype with Europe is best to arrange at European 'am' time/morning time.
Book by email.


Our online offers are used by people from all over the world
Ask for the price list for your country
Payment in advance through PayPal


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