Self-Realisation and Self-Healing

My work is about awakening and expanding our potential as human and divine beings.
Self-Realisation and self-Healing support us to integrate HOW we are as a personal self within WHO we are as divinity.

Healing is mostly understood to be the treatment of uncomfortable symptoms, aiming at changing or getting rid of those symptoms. Holistic Healing is aware of being "whole" before, during and after symptoms. It supports you in finding inner peace with whatever it is that seems challenging to you in body, emotion, psyche or mind.

I work with alternative and intuitive methods - like PULSE-IN! or Intuitive Energy Work - which I like to be understood and applied as complementary and alongside medical or other advisers.

Working with people, I use a flowing synergy of wisdom and science from East and West. Meditation, Body Therapy and Spirituality are combined in it. The dedication is to health for the body-mind and to (the willingness for) spiritual awakening.

I do not believe that we are here for an "instead-enlightenment", for some kind of "getting better" instead of how you are now or instead of however bad this world might look and feel to us.
We are here to realise that, which is present within as silence... pointing to our source, to our essence.

Essence is what remains when everything disappears that you are not.

Along my path I came across many useful tools and methods. They could not show me who I am, but could reveal what I am NOT.

The tools I use serve the purpose of befriending your "difficult issues." Befriending them is in my experience more than half the way to living life in peace and happiness.

The most important "tool" is trust in the power of awareness. Trust in the miraculous and mysterious force, which we call 'consciousness' and which flows in the universe, in our earth and in our hearts as Love.

Silence teaches the way, Love reveals the mysteries. I invite you to discover that you and the Buddha in you are neither separate nor a contradiction.

I see my role as being a tour-guide on your inner and outer journey, for the time you choose this to be so.

Welcome to presence in this moment
Welcome to the dance of life
Welcome to love




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