Support in turbulent times of loss,  illness and during the dying process

“… And when there is no fear there is love. When there is no anguish there is joy.
And when you are no more separate, there will be no death."

Osho to Adima when she received her name

A preparation for dying while living

The term “Bardo” comes from Tibet. Literally translated it means “an in between state”. It is usually associated with the Bardo of Leaving the Body or the Bardo of Death.
There are many “Bardos,” including the transitional states of birth, death, dream, meditation, transmigration or afterlife and spiritual luminosity.

We experience a taste of Bardo many times in our life, e.g. each time we experience a shock, a loss, strong emotions or illness.

The gift of Bardo states is their immediacy, the NOWNESS they put us into. Like for example in a shock, when you have just escaped an accident – you suddenly are fully present, fully here, but you are not “your story”, the mind is blank and quiet, the usual conglomeration of complications and explanations is absent. So is control. You simply are.

Similar experiences may occur during dream states or also during positive states of physical or emotional ecstasy, but we are usually more aware of the described effects in a shock state. Negative experience stays with our (sub-) conscious mind like German glue, while positive behaves more like dew drops vanishing in the morning sun. We easily stick with negative experience and forget the positive ones, which is how we enter false identification and begin to believe that life is a problem to be solved.

The Bardo Work helps to discern the essential from the unimportant and trust in the power of conscious presence in the now.

The Bardo Group

Part 1 Letting go what can die
Exploring the reality of being a human

Part 2 Discovering what will not die
Relaxing into the truth and love we are

Each part: 5-7 days
No prerequisites
(As there will be Body- and Energy Work involved, we recommend a session with us or an appointed session giver in your area)

This process is designed to re-connect you to the true source of happiness within yourself and enable you to live life with as much clarity and joy as possible.
In learning to be still and fully aware in Bardo we can realise that which does not come and go. That which we truly are, that which does not die.

This group process is associated with teachings of Tibetan Buddhism but it is in itself neither a Buddhist nor any other religious teaching. It is designed to support letting go of what is false or not helpful in one's life, healing traumatic imprint and overcoming false beliefs.

We look into our inner world in waking, dream and meditation states and release excess baggage from the nervous system. This helps to discover the true nature of our being and leaves us free – in the end.


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