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Background & History
The Power of the Heart

Practice and Effects

During her time in Pune, India (1987-2000)
Adima studied and worked in OSHO Multiversity, a leading Center known worldwide for Meditation and Spiritual Therapy.

Here she met her teacher of Tibetan Pulsing Healing, Sw. Shantam Dheeraj (J.R. Murley) and received the initiation and direct transmission of Tibetan Pulsing from him.

1994, Dheeraj shows H.H. Dalai Lama the Tanghka which depicts the nervous system


Tibetan Pulsing is based on wisdom and insight into healing knowledge from old Tibet and China. During the 70s in the last century, Sw. Shantam Dheeraj began to transfer this knowledge into our times and made it understandable to nowadays mind and - this is the revolutionary aspect - applicable to our nervous systems as body/energy work by acupressure combined with sound. It is a method to explore the (sub-)conscious mind and the holistic structure of the body-mind-machine.

The Indian Mystic and spiritual Master OSHO gave Dheeraj and his work recognition and space for exploration and application. Osho supported and blessed the work and gave it the name "Tibetan Pulsing Healing Meditation“. Later ist was called Tibetan Pulsing Yoga or simply Tibetan Pulsing.

Before Dheeraj came to Osho, who gave him his spiritual name, he had been in personal contact with and received guidance and confirmation from high Lamas of the Kagyu and Niyingma lineage (H.H. Kalu Rinpoche, Dujom Rinpoche and Dilgo Rinpoche).
They told him, that they recognized “their former teacher” in him and encouraged him to "continue the work on the nervous system, which he had begun in a previous life.“ All this happened much to Dheeraj’s surprise, as he reported.

The work, which Dheeraj found inside himself after two near death seizures of pancreatitis is now known as TIBETAN PULSING.
Between 1988-1997 Dheeraj trained thousands of people at Osho Commune International, Poona India and in Europe. He left his body in 1998 in Rome.
TIBETAN PULSING is being practiced and taught in many centres around the world.


"Heart" is more than often misunderstood! The power and wisdom of the heart is not an emotional story, but rather a timeless presence of conscious being.

We heard Osho say: "consciousness is electricity."
Consciousness vibrates electrical pulse. It takes form as what we call "life", more accurately it should be called "life-current". It is this life-current which makes it possible for pure consciousness to experience form, human and other.

The human heart remembers and reflects the original source of the life-current: pure conscious beingness. And it has only the one purpose: to reconnect to this oneness and share this connection as one with others. The expression of that is called LOVE. No story of love, love itself.

Tibetan Pulsing uses the natural power of the heart for transformation: From thinking to feeling to being.


Practical application is simply through touch and sound.

Tibetan Pulsing sheds light onto the "programming", the matrix of the body-mind-machine. This Programming is the code that shapes the personality in its unique way of interpreting the electrical signals in the brain as "personal perception": (me and my story). By giving names to the electrical signals reaching the brain, we create "the world". This work gives you practical insight into "Where the World comes from."

What we experience as physical pain, emotional suffering or negative thinking is nothing but electrical charge running in the nervous system. That goes the same for so-called "positive experiences". This fact reached mainstream in the movie "The Matrix" when Morpheus says to Neo: "What is reality other than electrical signals interpreted by your brain?!"

An EYE READING is being used for orientation in the nervous system.
This is not the "common Iris-Diagnosis", but an analysis which evolves out of the specific understanding of this work. The "map" of the eye reading is based on fundamental physiological and psychological knowledge as well as the wisdom of the picture language of the Tarot.
The human body reacts to sound. In making sounds, specific parts of the body vibrate in order to use sound waves as a vehicle for (subconscious) messages. To produce sound, tones, language creates a possibility to release (subconscious) pressure. To understand the making of sound within our body means to listen to and to understand correctly what is being transported in the message.


The inner "play-rooms" of being human.

What is being perceived in the "inner play-rooms" we usually call "my life - me and my story." It is all being created by electrical signals. Pulsing balances the electrical flow and integrates thought and behaviour patterns energetically, while one is resting. In this restfulness, meditative states can arise and new insight can happen.


  • For relaxation and well-being
  • To accompany somatic and psychosomatic therapies
  • To deepen meditation and explore the inner world

Receiving treatments and learning the active practice, both are healthy and deeply relaxing. AND – it really feels good!

Possible Effects:

  • Deep relaxation, regeneration and cleansing
  • Strengthening the immune system, skeleton and spinal column
  • Overcoming (unhealthy) habits (by balancing certain deficits in the nervous system)
  • Developing a conscious understanding of our organs and the "messages" the body gives
  • Learning to understand the structure of mind/the programs that run the nervous system

There is lots to laugh about. Once you recognise the programmed mechanisms, it makes it difficult to take the "story of me" seriously.

More important than pleasurable states, PULSE-IN serves your self-inquiry, through deepening the willingness to discover that you are not the body, not the mind...
May it be revealed by grace that you are silence of heart itself, which IS before, during, between and after each pulse beat.

Individual sessions and groups are NOT a substitute for a doctor, healing practitioner, (psycho-)therapist or medication.






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