In the German speaking countries of Europe Adima is known as a spiritual teacher and author since 2003.

Here you find 'Adima about herself' (this link leads to her new website in Australia

The following is translated from an article in a German esoteric magazine:
Adima's invitation is to shift your attention from the mind to the heart, towards your true being. To risk a look beyond the habitual and open yourself for the surprises hidden within.
She  encourages the intelligence of the heart to become one's own guide for understanding, self love and self-healing.

As a teacher she is humorous and empathic and very clear in her verbal expression. Her compssion opens space for awareness, heart and healing. Her Satsangs are visited by people from all walks of life. These meetings are welcoming to all.


Adima offers practical methods and tools for integration of inner wisdom in daily life. (As far as methods and tools go)
With PULSE-IN! she created a synthesis of self-inquiry and healing work.

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Life story



Spiritual Teacher
Intuitive Healer and Seeress
Therapist for Body and Mind

Dancer, Choreographer

Since 1992
Individual Sessions
Body- and Energy Work
Spiritual Therapy

Since 1996
Meditation Teacher
Group Leader

Since 2003
Spiritual Teacher
Educational Trainings
Author (German)


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