This calendar is available to people who have completed the Tibetan Pulsing Intensive Process. (The complete process means both eyes, 48 days of training)
The link to this page doesn't change. You can use it next year as well :)

Dear Pulser Friends Around The World

The PayPal account has moved to Australia
but your payment procedure is the same as before

The easiest is to click the button below

If you're using some other method, you can send money to the same email as before adima(at); the new default email is info(at)

TWO CURRENCIES are possible:
EUR 16,00
USD 17,50

Transfer and currency exchange fees are included and "on me".

NEW: from WITHIN AUSTRALIA you can now also pay in Aussie Dollars – the Aussie Pulsers will receive a separate Email about this in order to keep it simple, here!

Click the Button or read the instruction below but basically it's the same procedure as every year

Lots of Love


You do NOT have to create a PayPal account
You can choose to pay with your credit card
The slightly confusing part is that you have to CLICK "Create an account" in order to get to the page where you can pay with your credit card.

4 steps if you want to avoid a PayPal account:
CLICK HERE for a PDF with screenshots of the 4 steps you need to do - or just READ BELOW:
1. CLICK THE PayPal BUTTON above on this page
2. Click "CONTINUE"
3. Click "Create an account" (that is the confusing bit but that's the way to do it, O.K.)
4. The page opens to either "Pay with Credit Card" OR create a PayPal account

After your payment is received you will get a personal confirmation note by email.

The calendar will be send to you as soon as it is printed, which is usually around the middle of November.

NOTE: The link to this page doesn't change. You can use it next year as well :)

If you need any help, you're welcome to email me


Lots of Love



READ about the CHIEH-CH
and the "flow" of start dates

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